Rocaterrania Reviews

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What the critics are saying about Rocaterrania:

"A weird delight."

"An endless flow of visions and experiences guided by Kuhler’s voice; a single trip to the loving and overwhelming imagination of an unexpected artist." Buenos Aires Festival Internacional De Cine Independiente 2010

"Prepare to be astonished...a film - and a man - you will never forget." The Globe and Mail (Vancouver, BC)

"Fascinating documentary." San Jose Metro

"Lush, penetrating feature-length portrait." Indy Week (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill)

The secret world of Renaldo Kuhler is about to go public." The New York Times

"A fascinating must see for dreamers." Vancouver Observer

"One man's complex journey into his mind." CJSF Radio (Vancouver, BC)

"Truly inventive documentary." Review Vancouver