Short Documentaries

2-Clay Woman with Tiny Heads.jpg

Luck of a Foghorn: The Making of Bruce Bickford’s Prometheus’ Garden
(Dir. Brett Ingram, 2008, 28 minutes)

Documentary featurette and companion piece to Bruce Bickford's clay animated masterpiece, Prometheus' Garden.

Building Pro Humanitate: a Video Diary of Service in Vietnam 
(Dir. Brett Ingram, 2004, 10 minutes)

Documentary chronicling the journey of university students assisting villagers in the construction of a grade school in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

2-Armor of God.jpg

Armor of God
(Dir. Brett Ingram and Jim Haverkamp, 2001, 13 minutes)

Documentary portrait of improvisational noise sculptor and spiritual performance artist Scotty Irving.

Renaldo Kuhler (for National Geographic)
(Dir. Brett Ingram, 2001, 5 minutes)

Documentary portrait of the late Renaldo Kuhler, a brilliant and unconventional scientific illustrator for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

3-Panic Attack.jpg

Panic Attack
(Dir. Brett Ingram, 2000, 13 minutes)

Documentary portrait of one man's struggle with Panic Anxiety Disorder.

The Clay Spirit
(Dir. Brett Ingram, 1995, 24 minutes)

Documentary portrait of three inventive clay animators - Joan Gratz, David Daniels, and Bruce Bickford.

The Homeplace
(Dir. Brett Ingram, 1992, 15 minutes)

Documentary portrait of two elderly sisters facing the loss of their family farm to insurmountable hospital bills.