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86% "Fresh" rating:  Rotten Tomatoes

“Part of the genius of Monster Road is in its ability to argue everything about its subject – Bickford's highs and lows, his passions and his own personal pitfalls – in a way that is both completely closed off and remarkably adroit.”  DVD Talk

“For a picture of a driven artist conquering his demons through his art, this is right up there with Crumb. And he’s a nicer guy to spend time with.” New Zealand Listener

“It’s one of several tales from the dark side, nestled in the woods near Seattle, where art and breakdown percolate beneath the bucolic exterior, in the neighborhood off Monster Road.” Flickhead DVD Review

“Who knew that madness and alienation were so much fun? …Similar in tone to Terry Zwigoff's Crumb, Monster Road holds a unique power more for what it doesn't say than anything it might spell out for the rest of us.” Ruthless Reviews

“A fascinating, disturbing, and often hilarious new documentary.”
- San Francisco Chronicle

“A Must See.”  Animation Magazine

“A respectful, beautifully crafted portrait of a rare being and his art.”  Corridor of Madness

“A subtle, understated film that somehow manages to encompass themes of life, death, happiness, art, and why Bill Gates has yet to turn his mansion into a major clay animation studio.”  Portland Mercury

“An engrossing documentary that mirrors the ethereal spirit of its gifted, eccentric subject.”  Indy Week

“Paints a compelling portrait.”  Detroit Metro Times

“Major achievements in form… Throughout, Ingram applies delicacy where other filmmakers might employ a sledgehammer.”  San Francisco Bay Guardian

“A detailed and intelligent portrait. An oblique parable of Cold War Manichaeism.”  Senses of Cinema

“Eerie and affectionate portrait.”
- Chicago Reader

“Oddly hypnotic.” Birmingham Weekly

“A brilliantly wondrous and sweeping film.” Hi/Lo Film Festival

“Enthralling.” The Oregonian

“A captivating story.” Wilmington Star News

“Weightlessly examines heavy existential questions.” Willamette Week

“Excellent.” Animation World Journal

“Funny, moving cinematic biography.”
- Melbourne International Film Festival